Razor Dune Buggy, Quick Family Fun

By | September 19, 2016

razor-dune-buggy-reviewbutton-5I remember when was a kid I enjoyed driving a lot, the toys in the market at the time like the radio controlled cars pushed my imagination further but these toys never satisfied my curiosity in driving experience. Our kids grow fast and the power wheels we buy for them become useless by their 7th or 8th birthday. But now Razor has introduced a new “electronic car” for your little one. This new all-terrain Razor Dune Buggy is lower to the ground making it more stable and safe, the speed of 10 mph(which is adjustable) is a perfect speed for your kid to enjoy that driving experience he or she has been yearning for whenever you take him or her out for a drive in your car.

With four pneumatic tires and a working suspension the Razor Dune Buggy can race around in the so called rough terrains be it on grass, gravel or even little dirt with little ease. The 24 Volt battery system powers this Razor Dune Buggy thus eliminating the need for an ignition system which can be dangerous to your child through all the emissions and combustibles that are associated with it. The Razor Dune Buggy comes with a 350- watt electric motor but with its immense rear breaking power and the easy to use steering wheel, the safety of your kid is quite guaranteed.

You will only need to charge this battery for 18 hours before your kid rides the Razor Dune Buggy for the first time; once you fully charge this battery it will run for 40 minutes and after the ride when the battery power has been exhausted you will need to recharge the battery for only 12 hours more. But if you wish to prolong the time for your kid’s ride, you can purchase a standby battery at a marginal additional cost. This additional battery will increase the riding time up-to 100 minutes.

The Razor Dune Buggy is completely assembled before it is sold, you can choose to surprise your kid with one of this as a box present and you will see the immense joy that will be all over his or her face when he or she will realize that you have bought him a “car”. In case of need of any spare part the friendly Razor online team will quickly respond to you and they will offer you the assistance you will need in the shortest time possible.button-4

You can get yours at Amazon for a reasonable price below!

Razor Dune Buggy - Red
Price: $488.99
You Save: $111.00 (19%)
Price Disclaimer
Imagerazor electric powered go kart ground force drifter riderazor electric powered go kart ground force drifter rideelectric go karts kidselectric go kart kits
NameRazor Ground Force Drifter KartRazor Dune BuggyRazor Ground Force Electric Go-Kart (Silver)Razor Ground Force Drifter Fury Ride-On
Features*Electric-powered "drifter" kart based on original Ground Force design
*Variable-speed, chain-driven motor runs at up to 12 miles per hour
*Race-tuned chassis and super-slick rear wheels for serious neighborhood drifting
*Thumb-trigger acceleration control and hand-operated rear brake
*Runs for 40 minutes per charge; supports drivers up to 140 pounds
*Compact kids dune buggy with powerful 350-watt electric motor
*Reaches speeds of up to 10 mph; 8-inch knobby pneumatic tires
*Durable tubular steel frame; padded bucket seat with seatbelt
*Hand throttle and brake controls; requires no fuel to run
*Supports up to 120 pounds driver weight; for ages 8 and older
*For ages 8 and older; electric go-kart with quiet variable-speed, chain-driven motor
*Reaches maximum speed of 12 miles per hour; short charge time
*Runs for approximately 45 minutes of drive time per charge
*Durable steel frame, molded aluminum wheels, and 4-1/2-inch tires
*Measures 41 x 16 x 29 inches (W x H x D); supports up to 140 pounds
*The Ground Force Drifter Fury ups the ante with the added flash of its unique Spark Bar
*Reach speeds up 12 mph (19 kmh), leaving a shower of sparks in your wake
*Race-tuned chassis and super-slick rear wheels for serious neighborhood drifting
*Features a powerful variable-speed, chain-driven motor, thumb-trigger acceleration control and hand-operated rear brake
*Recommended for ages 8 and older and will support a rider up to 140 pounds
Rating4 Star Rating4_5 Rating4_5 Rating4_5 Rating
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2 thoughts on “Razor Dune Buggy, Quick Family Fun

  1. shrey

    This looks fun! But what age of kids would you recommend for this Razer Dune Buggy.
    It looks super fun and sometimes I wish even I could use it but I guess those days are gone and it looks much safer for kids.
    I really want to get this one but would be much sure once you confirm the age groups who can use it

    1. admin Post author


      Thank you for the comment and question. It is appropriate for 8 years and older. That being said the other issue is the weight limit of 120 pounds. Keep that in mind.

      Let me know if you have any further questions.



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