Go Karting Basics

Go kart basicsI can remember the first day I decided I loved go karting.  It was the first moment I set foot in an indoor track.  The sights, sounds, and smells still permeate my mind to this very day.  When I think about that time a rush of adrenaline races through my body.  I can even feel the exhilaration of my first lap around the track.  Ever since that day I have loved go karting.  So I thought I would share some of my passion about go karting with you.

It doesn’t matter if you are a child, teen, or adult; you can still have the same great feeling I still do today when I step out onto the track.  No matter your age, there are some thing you really should know before you start go karting.  You need to know and understand karting safety, go kart accessories, as well as some driving pointers.  Almost everything applies to whether you are driving by yourself or with others on a track.

Go Kart Safety

Safety is the most important thing to keep in mind.  While you will have fun it can also be dangerous if you do not respect it.  Even the smaller go karts built for kids can travel 10-15 mph and if an eight-year-old doesn’t follow basic safety guidelines they can and will get injured.

Seatbelts, I don’t mean to be a stick in the mud, but there is a reason those seatbelts are there.  No one, and I mean no one should drive a go kart without wearing their seatbelt.  Of course most states, in the US, require you to wear your seatbelt when driving a car, so just extend that thought into driving the little rocket you are sitting on.go kart safety

The driver should also keep in mind their footwear.  Their footwear?  Yes, I said footwear.  You don’t want to be wearing your flip flops.  Accidents do happen when you are racing around having fun.  So make sure those toes are well protected with closed toed shoes.  A basic pair of sneakers work just fine.

Helmets are another important safety feature that should not be neglected when driving your miniature car.  Protect that noggin of yours.  I know it seems fun to have the wind rush in your locks of hair, but it does you no good if you are eating through a straw just because you didn’t wear a helmet.

Go Kart Accessories

Well of course a helmet is an accessory but I wanted to include it in the safety portion.  Actually most of the accessories in go karting are for safety.  I will be taking about gloves and suits in this section.  Of course that is not an exhaustive list but it will get you started.

You don’t need to wear gloves but if you are driving for an extended period of time they help.  The steering wheels can be rough on your hands and if you’re not careful you could end up with blisters. Not to mention it looks really cool as you pull up your gloves.  It can make you feel like a pro.go kart helmet

The suit is another thing you can get.  Find you favorite driver and pretend you are them while zipping around the track. Kids love this part of the experience.  Again you don’t need it but it is fun to have.

Driving Basics

Driving a go kart is unlike driving a regular car. Fight your instincts and move your hands from 10 and 2 to 9 and 3.  The steering wheel is much smaller than on a standard car.  This hand positioning allows you to use your muscles properly to steer the car quickly.

Those breaks can actually make you go faster.  Yes, I just said that breaks can actually make you go faster.  As you approach a turn on the outside of the lane, let off the throttle and hit those breaks slightly.  Once you let off those breaks start your turn aiming for the far inside corner of the turn and begin to accelerate.  Let your momentum carry you back to the outside of the turn. When you reach the outside of the turn you should be at full throttle.  This will give you the best line possible.go-kart

If you are driving with other people, try your best not to bump or push them.  It is never fun to be constantly bumped or pushed.  You don’t do it in your regular car, so try to refrain from it in the kart.

Well I hope you enjoyed the basics I have discussed here.  Of course there is so much in go karting that you can learn.  I will be discussing those things as this site grows.  Thanks for reading.  Please feel free to add a comment, question, or your own personal experiences below.  Thanks!